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DR3000 On-Train Data Recorder

The Arrowvale DR3000 On-Train Data Recorder, OTDR, is designed with flexibility paramount in it's modular construct.

  • Uniquely combining the functions of a Data Recorder with Remote Condition Monitoring into one seamless system.
  • Meets GMRT 2472-2, IEC 62625-1, EN50155
  • The DR3000 not only supports accident investigation but also meets the varied requirements of: systematic safety monitoring procedures; vehicle system performance analysis; driver training and the wider deployment of condition determined maintenance policies.



  • Crash Survivable Memory module with protection against impact, crush, fire and contamination
  • Downloads via USB and wireless remote downloading available as an option
  • Data compression techniques plus ample memory provide long recording periods, often several weeks in duration
  • Automatic vehicle configuration via the code plug
  • Power-up and continuous built-in self test which activates the healthy/ faulty relay to drive external indicators
  • Modular system allows up to 128 channels of data acquisition
  • All channels can be programmed with user specific parameters such as active level, offset, gain, hysteresis etc.
  • Accurate time-stamping of recorded data to 10ms resolution as standard
  • Extensive communications facilities will connect to many standard Trainborne systems, including: ATP; TMS; COSMOS; PIS; TPWS4; MITRAC; TCU, ATO, PIS etc...
  • UPS option allowing download with no vehicle power supply
  • User display with keypad



With up to 12 interface cards of various types available there are many possible combinations, including:

  • 128 Digital inputs all with frequency/ counter/ PWM/ quadrature capability
  • 128 Digital Outputs
  • 40 Isolated 12 Bit Passive or 15 Active Analogue Inputs
  • 64 12 bit Passive or 16 Active Analogue Inputs
  • 12 Comms Channels
  • 2 SIL2 Speedometer Channels


  • Multiple RS232, RS485, PAN, USB
  • 3 x Ethernet ports
  • Software interfaces exist for many standard devices: TMS; ATP; ATO; PIS, TCU etc., additional available on request
  • MMI: two line display with navigation keypad

Data Storage

  • 128 Mbytes Crash Protection Memory
  • Mounted internally, crash hardened to comply with GM/RT2472 Issue 1:2002
  • Optional module mounted externally, crash hardened to comply with GM/RT2472 Issue 2(IEEE1482.1)

Secure Memory Download

  • USB Memory Stick
  • Remote wireless


  • 10 kg typical - depending upon configuration

Master/Slave Operation

  • Multiple hardware devices in discrete vehicle locations can operate as one, fully synchronised

GPS Interface

  • Variety of standard interfaces, including NMEA, via serial, Ethernet or built in receiver

Electrical Supplies

  • 24V DC nominal (16.8V to 33.6V)
  • 110V DC nominal (66V to 137.5V)
  • Standard EN50155 and RIA12 surges and tolerances apply
  • Typically 30W (8x20mA current loops active)


  • IP41 enclosure—additional protection offered by external enclosure
  • Industry standard 3U 19" rack mounted
  • Dimensions 133 x 482.6 x 210 mm
  • Range of plug & play replacements for Q-Tron, Hasler, Wabtec, MessMa and Faiveley recorders


  • -25ºC to +70ºC operating, -40ºC to 85ºC storage (EN 50155 class T3 )

Factory Configuration

  • Fully modular, factory configured by installation of appropriate hardware devices and components

User Configuration

  • Fully user configurable using open XML file format and custom configuration tool
  • Code plug for user configuration and vehicle specific information

User Maintenance

  • Maintenance diagnostic port via RS232 or Ethernet, local or remote


  • EN50121-3-2, EN50155
  • RIA12
  • GM/RT 2472 issue 1 & 2
  • IEC 62625-1


Further Information


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Meets GMRT 2472-2, IEC 62625-1, EN50155”


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