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DR2000 Remote Monitoring Device (RMD)

he Arrowvale Electronics DR2000 (Remote Monitoring Device) is an approved data logger which can connect to a large number of signals typically found on a rail vehicle. It can also take a real time or bulk data feed from an Arrowvale or Q-Tron OTMR.

Data is normally transmitted, time and position stamped, in real time, to a ground based server using a separate 3G or Wi-Fi comms device. If the comms pathway is not available then the data is spooled until the next time a comms pathway is available.

The RMD is of a modular design consisting of a central processor and power supply cards, connected to up to 8 signal input cards. The image below shows a typical configuration with 3 signal input cards and space for a further card for future expansion.

dr2000 2

Each of these cards can monitor a number of different signals including:

  • control voltage digitals
  • frequency signals
  • event counters
  • voltage analogue inputs
  • 0/4-20mA current loops powered by the RMD
  • Arrowvale OTMR
  • Q-Tron OTMR
  • GPS

The GPS input is used to provide accurate time and location information to stamp each and every real time data packet generated.

Integrated Backhaul System

Installed on a ground based server an application called the “Port Listener” handles data reception and processing. The RMD and the Port Listener maintain a close bi-directional dialogue passing data packets, acknowledgements, error and other status flags between them. Received real time data is then stored into an SQL database table. Arrowvale OTMR bulk downloads can also be passed to the Arrowvale CJD (Central Journey Database).

Main functions of the Port Listener:

  • Data reception and error handling
  • Real time database insertion
  • OTMR original format bulk downloads
  • Remote RMD firmware updates
  • Remote RMD configuration updates

Key System Features 

Digital inputs Control voltage, up to 128
Analogue inputs
  • Voltage, 0-40V, up to 2
  • 0/4-20mA loop powered, up to 64
Frequency inputs Up to 32
Event counters Up to 32
OTMR Input Arrowvale or Q-Tron
Ethernet 10/100 optionally PoE
Power supply
  • Vehicle power, typically 24V/ 72V/ 110V nominal
Solid State Disk Up to 4GB
GPS Input
  • RS232 serial
  • UDP Ethernet
Configuration User configuration stored in non-volatile code plug
Case Rugged aluminium, flange mounted
Updates Firmware and configuration updates available manually via the Engineering port or remotely over the air
Standards BS EN 50155:2007, RIA 12


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