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DR1000 OTMR Upgrades & Modifications

The on train data recorder (OTMR) provides a complete record of each state change of all monitored signals. Data recording takes place in a crash survivable memory module, with journeys in excess of 24 hours duration easily accommodated.

The data is protected from damage during vehicle accident, providing a secure record for incident investigations. The recorded information can be transferred to a PCMCIA memory card for routine data extraction and analysis.

The data can also be utilised for safety monitoring procedures and the analysis of operational performance.

Key Features

  • Meets GO/OTS 203 and GM/RT 2472 Group Standards
  • Secure storage module with protection against impact, crush, fire and contamination
  • Up to 120 channels of data can be recorded
  • Memory capacity available up to 16Mb and data retention of up to 5 years without battery replacement
  • Communication channels for connection of radio, Drivers Interface Unit, ATP Systems, TMS and Train Data Bus
  • Comprehensive built-in test and diagnostics port providing recorder configuration and on-train analysis

Further Information


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Recorded data can be analysed using our off train data processing software.


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Data can be analysed using our Ana-Live real time software.


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The rugged design, and lightweight manufacture provide a compact and convenient device, for ease of use with either a laptop or desk top PC.


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