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Crash Protected Memory (CPM2000)

The Crash Protected Memory (CPM2000) provides a secure crash survivable module that fulfils world standards such as the British GM/RT2472 issue 1, GM/RT2472 issue 2 to BS EN 62625-1:2013 also IEEE1482.1 standards for the Juridical Recording Unit (JRU).

Whenever a high level of data protection is requested, then it can be used as a remote data storage unit connected to the DR3000 OTMR or integrated inside if sufficient space is made available.



  • Secure Store Memory module with protection against impact, crush, fire and contamination
  • Downloads direct from the CPM or via the DR3000 using USB memory stick if the CPM is remote and inaccessible
  • Data compression techniques plus ample memory provide long recording periods, often several weeks in duration
  • The CPM is directly powered by the DR3000.
  • A sophisticated suite of Analytical software is available for interrogating the download allowing the data to be seen in graphical and tabular forms.



  • Connection to DR3000 via an M12 female connector on the CPM front panel
  • Connection to USB through a rugged USB connector on front panel.

Data Storage

  • 128 Mbytes Crash Proteced Memory
  • Increased memory available upon request
  • Mounted internally, crash hardened to comply with GM/RT2472 Issue 1:2002
  • Optional module mounted externally, crash hardened to comply with GM/RT2472 Issue 2 (IEEE1482.1)

Secure Memory Download

  • USB Memory Stick
  • Remote wireless


  • 7 kg typical

Electrical Supplies

  • The CPM is directly powered by the DR3000


  • Dimensions 220 x 110 x 120 mm
  • IP68


  • -25ºC to +70ºC operating, -40ºC to 85ºC storage (EN 50155 class T3 )


  • EN 50155 Railway applications – Electronic equipment used on rolling stock
  • Vibrations according to EN 61373:2010 Category 1 Class B
  • Electromagnetic compatibility according to EN 50121-3-2
  • GM/RT 2472 Issue 1, B5.2
  • GM/RT 2472 Issue 2,
  • IEC 62625-1, Table 1 A
  • IEC 62625-1, Table 1 B
  • IEEE Std. 1482.1 Part 4.5

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