Range includes On Train Monitoring Recorder (DR3000), Energy Harvesting Data Logger (EHDL), Wireless Serial Adapter (WSA) and 'Plug and Play' JRU Data Recorders.

Energy Harvesting Data Logger

The Arrowvale Electronics Energy Harvesting Data Logger (EHDL) is a very low power data acquisition unit powered from harvested energy sources such as solar panels or wind turbines.

DR3000 Crash Proof Memory

The DR3000 Crash Proof Memory provides a secure crash proof module that fulfils world standards such as the British GM/RT2472 issue 1, GM/RT2472 issue 2 to BS EN 62625-1:2013 also IEEE1482.1 standards for the Juridical Recording Unit (JRU).

ETCS Data Recorders

'Reduce installation times and save space'

Arrowvale have introduced a range of 'Plug and Play' JRU Data Recorders, these offer the same functionality and modular design of a DR3000 but housed to meet the profile of an existing fitment, including connector arrangement.

Bearing Monitoring

Real-time reporting using energy harvesting technology.

No cables. No batteries. Small size.

Wireless Data Transmission

The Arrowvale Wireless Serial Adapter (WSA) range of products provide an effective rail approved solution for data acquisition & transmission from isolated or normally inaccessible vehicle equipment. Through a series of 868MHz transceivers, a wireless relay or mesh can be formed enabling data to be transmitted back to a central unit for local or remote collection. The WSA products complement the Arrowvale range of data recorders, remote condition monitoring hardware and the Diagnostyx web based analysis and reporting tool. 

DR3000 Data Recorder

The Arrowvale DR3000 Data Recorder, OTMR, is designed with flexibility paramount in it's modular construct.



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  • Design

    Our design and Engineering team can provide a solution to your design or development requirements at any stage, from concept to finished product.

  • EHDL

    Energy Harvesting Data LoggerLow power data acquisition unit powered from harvested energy sources such as solar panels or wind turbines.

  • DR3000
    DR3000 Data Recorder

    Designed to approvals GMRT 2472, IEC 62625-1 and compliant with JRU and ETCS.

  • Loom & Wiring Harness
    Loom & Wiring Harness

    Our loom and harness manufacturing experience covers a wide diversity of; complexity, types and sizes of wires & cables, crimps, connectors and components. We can also provide design and engineering assistance and prototyping.

  • Cabinet & Panel Build
    Cabinet & Panel Build

    Built by our highly trained and skilled staff from in-house procurement to finished product, including site installation, these systems are often built straight from concept, with close liaison between the customer and our engineers.

  • De-Icing Equipment
    De-Icing Equipment

    Provides the rail operator with the ability to accurately dispense de-icing fluid onto the current rails, eliminating the problems associated with ice formation.

  •  DR2000 Monitoring Device
    DR2000 Monitoring Device

    Is an approved data logger which can connect to a large number of signals typically found on a rail vehicle. It can also take real time or bulk data feed from an Arrowvale or Q-Tron OTMR. (RIA 12 certified)

  • WSA
    Wireless Data Transmission

    The WSA product complements the Arrowvale range of products and allows the user to transmit data from usually inaccessible vehicle equipment.

  • PCB Assembly
    PCB Assembly

    Our PCB Assembly utilizes the latest manufacturing techniques & technology, coupled with a flexible skilled workforce to reduce production costs, maximizing production throughput & maintaining quality standards. On-site inspection & testing ensure product quality & reliability.


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