Environmental Policy
Environmental Policy

Arrowvale Electronics aim to minimise the impact, both directly and indirectly, that our day to day operations may have on the natural environment.

The key points to achieving this aim are:

  • To foster among staff, suppliers and customers an understanding of environmental issues within the context of the business
  • To comply with the spirit as well as the letter of relevant legislation and approved codes of practice
  • Promote recycling internally and with customers and suppliers
  • During product design we seek to minimise the environmental impact of our products during production, distribution, use, and end of life disposal
  • Reduce water and energy use
  • Minimise waste and increase recycling

Wherever possible we ensure:

  • All screens are turned off at night
  • All lights are turned off at night
  • We recycle paper, cardboard and metals
  • All ink and toner cartridges are recycled
  • Packing material is recycled and minimised
  • Turn off power to equipment when not in use
  • Use electronic copy in place of hard/paper copies
  • Lights are switched off or reduced during normal working daylight hours
  • Air-conditioning and heating is only used when required and controlled thermostatically

All employees are responsible for ensuring that they play their part in working towards the objectives of this policy, and are encouraged to contribute suggestions to help improve the Company’s environmental performance.



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